About Us

Not everyone knows the importance of air duct cleaning. We’ve got solutions for you. We have been in the business for some time now and we are confident that we can take care of the job well. Elite Air Duct Cleaning Phoenix follow the standards in air duct cleaning and we conform with the standards during the cleaning process. Our technicians are courteous and we have technicians who are professionals and well trained when it comes to duct cleaning method. Elite Air Duct Cleaning Phoenix are manned with only the best in the industry. Our crew will be there on time using our company vehicle, which is loaded with the equipment and tools needed for their job.

Our technicians will greet you and will carefully check the services that you need. They will explain what is going on with the air duct cleaning method in a detailed manner. You can be sure that our men will do their very best to be able to get the job done in an instant without compromising the quality of the work. The technicians will prepare your home for the air duct cleaning process. They will make sure that all of the vents that went through cleaning will be checked accordingly and will work in a normal manner. There are protective flooring covers along with corner guards that will be placed accordingly.

Our technicians will be sealing the vents in a careful manner even before the duct cleaning starts. They will place your AC ducts in a negative pressure condition. That is being done to boost the airflow. The power vacuum will be linked to the trunk line. It will be the one responsible in gathering the dust, molds, dirt and debris that will be displaced during the cleaning process. We have methods to follow and we will not do anything that is not meant to be done. Elite Air Duct Cleaning Phoenix will be using a pressurized compressed air that will whip into the ductwork to get rid of the debris that causes the clogging. After that, we will seal the holes in your primary trunk line using a metal access panel.